About Us

Our Goal

DailyVote enables citizens (like yourself) to give feedback to politicians and public officials based on what you read in the news. The idea is to count this feedback and display it publicly, in real-time, to help channel citizens' voices into the political conversation and offset the seemingly overwhelming influence of the well-connected.

We're at the very early stages of what we hope DailyVote will become, and we thank you for visiting and being a part of this. Some very basic features are missing—like comments, for starters—and we haven't begun to scratch the surface of the cool visuals possible with the feedback you provide over time.

But we hope that, in this early version, you can see how DailyVote might help you scratch an important itch—that itch you feel when you read an article and have an opinion, but no way to ensure your opinion is counted as opposed to getting forgotten in our fragmented world of online polls and commentary.

We want to help make your voice count and to make it meaningful to the political conversation. That's our goal. Thanks for being with us on this journey.


  1. Read a news article or story.
  2. Form an opinion about the politicians, public officials or organizations important to the story. How do you feel about what they said or did? (Usually this part comes naturally, but if no opinion forms, try another article.)
  3. Copy and paste the article's link into DailyVote. Press enter. We'll analyze that article and try to figure out who the major players are and put them on a ballot for you.
  4. Vote "thumbs up," "thumbs down," or "neutral" on each of the players. Delete any that you don't want to vote on (or to rectify any embarrassing errors on our part). Feel free to add someone who seems relevant, too.
  5. Submit! Rinse and repeat.


  • Galen Panger
  • Raymon Sutedjo-The
  • Jeff Tsui
  • Jen Wang


Send us a note at contact@dailyvote.co or @dailyvoteco on Twitter. We'd love to hear from you.